Saturday 27 October 2012

The Old Platoon

One of the Old Platoon by Will Dyson
Soft the night on the bleak field's face
     And under the lonely moon,
The white cross marks your resting-place,
     Mate of the old platoon.

Hazards many we both have shared,
     Enduring as men endure--
"With faith and fire all risks we dared,
     Knowing the end was sure.

"The cause is worthy," you often said--
     You said: "We're out to win,"
As we looked to the great new day ahead
     That ushered Freedom in.

There's a weapon less on the rifle-rack,
     And gone from the parapet,
Still you guide us now on the cobbled track,
     The mate we can't forget.

To the hour ahead our way we wend,
     Let it come late or soon,
We know you're with us to the end,
     Mate of the old platoon.

This poem was written by Rifleman Patrick MacGill and was printed in the Lisburn Standard on 25 October 1918. The text along with other extracts can be found on my website Eddies Extracts.)


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