Sunday 8 March 2015

They also serve...

Oh! Father, hear us, when we plead
For those who fight and those who bleed.
For those who give their lives, that we
May rest in glorious liberty.

Remember, Lord compassionate,
Thy servants, who must stand and wait.
They serve Thee too, we know full well,
How hard it is, we cannot tell,
To fold the hands that fain would bear
A portion of the awful care.

Have mercy, Lord compassionate,
On those whom Thou hast bidden "wait,"
And as the fleeting hours fly,
And one by one hope's mornings die.
And they are left there, waiting still
The workings of Thy hidden will.

Oh! Saviour, all compassionate,
Keep vigil, Thou, with those who wait,

Grace L. Gibson.

Reprinted from The Witness, 29th January 1915.
Image: Mashup of a painting of a post-battle scene at Menin crossroads by Fortunino Matania and a portrait of an unknown woman.

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