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Directory of Lisburn for 1819. (part 2)



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With a
Directory and History of Lisburn

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1 Corn Market, Belfast.

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Directory of Lisburn for 1819.


Lackey, William, weaver, Chapel Hill.
Lappen, Cornelius, nailer, Market Lane.
Lappen, James, labourer, Longstone.
Laverty, Henry, carman, Longstone.
Laverty, Charles, labourer, Longstone.
Laverty, Robert, hostler, Chapel Hill.
Lavery, Anne, Longstone.
Lavery, James, weaver, Longstone.
Lavery, John, chaise driver, Bridge End.
Langhran, Neal, labourer, Antrim Lane.
Lawson, Alexander, weaver, Piper Hill.
Leech, Thomas, schoemaker, Longstone.
Lemon, John, grocer, Bridge Street.
Lenaghan, James, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Lenaghan, John, servant, Bow Lane.
Lennon, Patrick, labourer, Bridge Street.
Linn, James, mason, Bridge Street.
Linsey, Ann, Smithfield.
Livingston, James, weaver, Piper Hill.
Long, John, boatman, Bridge End.
Lowry, John, weaver, Bow Lane.
Lutten, Charles, writing clerk, Belfast Gate.
Lynch, Hugh, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Lynes, Terence, labourer, Chapel Lane.


Mackay, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End.
Magee, Henry B., Proctor Down and Connor, Bridge Street.
Magee, James, labourer, Ball Alley.
Magee, John, weaver, Jackson's Lane.
Magee, John, weaver, Belfast Gate.
Magee, Edward, publican, Church Row.
Magee, John, sheriff's assistant, Haslam's Lane.
Magee, John, labourer, Longstone.
Magennis, John, horse dealer, Longstone.
Megennis, James, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Mairs, Thomas, currier, Tan Yard.
Major, George, grocer, Belfast Gate.
Major, William, muslin manufacturer, Bridge Street.
Major, John, merchant, Market Square.
Major, James, grocer, Market Square.
Marlow, William, weaver, Bridge Street.
Martin, Francis, weaver, Antrim Lane.
Martin, Jane, Bow Lane.
Martin, John, weaver, Bow Lane.
Martin, John, jun., labourer, Bow Lane.
Martin, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill.
Mason, Peter, superintendent of the vitriol works, Vitriol Island.
Mathew, Catharine, Longstone.
Mathew, William, shoemaker, Longstone.
Mead, Mrs. Ann, Belfast Gate.
Mealan, James, labourer, Piper hill.
Meharry, James, tailor, Market Lane.
Miller, Ruth, Market Square.
Miller, Robert, weaver, Piper Hill.
Miller, James, weaver, Chapel Hill.
Miller, David, labourer, Longstone.
Milligan, Lewis, labourer, Ball Alley.
Milligan, John, mason, Bridge Street.
Moat, Samuel, labourer, Bridge End.
Moles, Frances, Belfast Gate.
Moles, William, boatman, Pump Lane.
Montgomery, Wm., labourer, Bridge St.
Montgomery, John, labourer, Bridge St.
Mooney, William, coach driver, Jackson's Lane.
Moore, George, innkeeper, Market Square.
Moore, Joseph, labourer, Tan Yard.
Moore, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Moore, Jane, Jackson's Lane.
Moore, James, weaver, Beggar Lane.
Moore, William, weaver, Bow Lane.
Moore, James, weaver, Chapel Hill.
Moore, Robert, blacksmith, Antrim Lane.
Moorcroft, William, weaver, Kennedy's Court.
Morewood, George, gent, Castle Street.
Morgan, John, mason, Bow Lane.
Morgan, Henry, mason, Ball Alley.
Morgan, Arthur, sawyer, Bridge Street.
Morgan, John, sawyer, Bridge End.
Morgan, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End.
Morgan, Sarah, Bridge Street.
Morren, Hugh, servant, Piper Hill.
Morrow, George, carpenter, Castle Street.
Morrow, Hugh, reed-maker, Linenhall St.
Morrow, James, weaver, Linenhall Street.
Moss, Lewis, huxter, Market Lane.
Mullen, Mary, Beggar Lane.
Munce, Andrew, butcher, Smithfield.
Munce, Robert, butcher, Smithfield.
Mulholland, Hugh, spirit merchant, Bridge Street.
Mulholland, Henry, linen merchant, Belfast Gate.
Mulholland, Henry, jun., timber merchant, Bridge Street.
Mulholland, Robert, weaver, Jackson's Lane.
Mulholland, John, muslin manufacturer, Bow Lane.
Mulholland, Isabella, Heron's Folly.
Mulholland, Ann, dressmaker, Castle St.
Murdoch, James, publican, Bow Lane.
Murray, Richard, hairdresser, Castle St.
Murray, William, grocer, Market Square.
Murray, Thomas, publican, Market Square.
Murray, Daniel, nailer, Antrim Lane.
Murray, George, mason, Ball Alley.
Murray, Hugh, servant, Belfast Gate.
Murray, James, saddler, Bridge Street.
Murray, John, butcher, Smithfield.
Murray, Matthew, weaver, Longstone.
Murphy, William, flax-dresser, Antrim Lane.
Murphy, Richard, weaver, Back Lane.
Murphy, William, weaver, Back Lane.
Murphy, Jane, Linenhall Street.
Murphy, Matthew, weaver, Longstone.
Mussen, Matthew, chandler, Market Sq.
Mussen, James, chandler, Market Square.
Mussen, Richard, publican, Market Sq.
Mussen, Mrs. Agnes, Bow Lane.
Mussen, Mrs. Sarah, Bow Lane.
Musgrave, Samuel, surgeon, Market Sq.


M'Afee, Archibald, weaver, Smithfield.
M'Afee, John, weaver, Linenhall Street.
M'Afee, Patrick, weaver, Linenhall Street.
M'Atier, Archibald, shoemaker, Bridge St.
M'Atier, Hanna, Chapel Hill.
M'Avoy, James, labourer, Pump Lane.
M'Blain, Jane, Castle Street.
M Blain, William, shoemaker, Linenhall Street.
M'Cabe, Joseph, carpenter, Johnson's Entry.
M'Caffery, Charles, labourer, Longstone.
M'Cagherty, John, labourer, Ball Alley.
M'Call, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Market Square.
M'Call, Charles, weaver, Smithfield.
M'Callister, Eliza, haberdasher, Castle St.
M'Callister, John, nailer, Antrim Lane.
M'Callister, Catharine, Antrim Lane.
M'Callister, Alexander, coal porter, Antrim
M'Callister, Thomas, weaver, Johnson's Entry.
M'Callister, Neesy, nailer, Smithfield.
M'Callister, Charles, servant, Bridge End.
M'Callister, James, Kn[-?-]-shoe maker, Bridge Street.
M'Cann, Hugh, labourer, Piper Hill.
M'Cann, William, weaver, Longstone.
M'Cann, James, weaver, Longstone.
M'Cann, James, farmer, Longstone.
M'Carty, Ellen, Antrim Lane.
M'Carty, William, shoemaker, Smithfield.
M'Cauley, Patrick, labourer, Tan Yard.
M'Cauley, John, weaver, Back Lane.
M'Cauley, James, mason, Beggar Lane.
M'Cauley, Sarah, Longstone.
M'Clatchy, Ann, huxter, Bow Lane.
M'Claverty, John, weaver, Linenhall St.
M'Clernan, James, hairdresser, Jackson Lane.
M'Cloy, Matthew, painter, &c., Bow Lane.
M'Cloy, Alexander, painter, &c., Bridge Street.
M'Clure, John, merchant, Market Square.
M'Clure, James, baker, Castle Street.
M'Clure, Joseph, saddler, Market Square.
M'Clure, John, baker, Bridge Street.
M'Clure, Thomas, labourer, Bridge Street.
M'Clusky, Peter, hostler, Jackson's Lane.
M'Comb, John, innkeeper (Hertford Arms), Market Square.
M'Comb, Hugh, carpenter, Jackson's Lane.
M'Comb, Thomas, shoemaker, Smithfield.
M'Comb, Nathaniel, shoemaker, Market Lane.
M'Connell, Samuel, labourer, Tan Yard.
M'Connell, Matthew, weaver, Back Lane.
M'Connell, John, dealer, Market Lane.
M'Connell, John, weaver, Haslam's Lane.
M'Connell, Henry, weaver, Linenhall St.
M'Connell, Owen, hosier, Piper Hill.
M'Connell, James, weaver, Piper Hill.
M'Cormick, Patrick, waiter, Jackson' Lane.
M'Cormick, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane,
M'Cormick, Ezekiel, weaver, Bow Lane.
M'Cracken, Alexander, shoemaker, Jackson's Lane.
M'Cue, William, labourer, Ball Alley.
M'Cully, Hugh, book-binder, Jackson's Lane.
M'Curker, Thomas, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
M'Curry, James, boatman, Bridge End.
M'Donald, James, grocer, Chapel Hill.
M'Donald, Daniel, waterman, Smithfield.
M'Donald, Mary, Belfast Gate.
M'Donald, James, painter, Smithfield.
M'Donald, Edward, butcher, Bow Lane.
M'Donald, Daniel, labourer, Bridge End.
M'Dougall, James, shoemaker, Market Lane.
M'Dowell, William, nailer, Bow Lane.
M'Dowell, James, tailor, Johnson's Entry.
M'Dowell, John, saddler, Castle Street.
M'Dowell, Rose, Antrim Lane.
M'Gaghey, Francis, dealer in linen yarn, Bridge Street.
M'Gaunnily, Henry, labourer, Bridge St.
M'Gaverin, Catharine, Smithfield.
M'Gillin, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane.
M'Glaughan, Dennis, flax-dresser, Johnson's Entry.
M'Glaughan, John, labourer, Bridge St.
M'Glaughan, Hannah, Ball Alley.
M'Gough, John, labourer, Longstone.
M'Gough, John, carman, Longstone.
M'Gough, Laughlan, shoemaker, Longstone.
M'Gowan, Mary, Longstone.
M'Gra, James, labourer, Bridge End.
M'Grillis, Michael, labourer, Smithfield.
M'Gullaghan, Robert, carman, Longstone.
M'Gurk, Arthur, publican, Church Row.
M'Gurk, James, boatman, Bridge End.
M'Gurk, John, boatman, Bridge End.
M'Gurnaghan, Patk., shoemaker. Heron's Folly.
M'Ilroy, Manus, weaver, Market Lane.
M'Ilroy, Manus, labourer, Track Line.
M'Keever, Terence, labourer, Piper Hill.
M'Kendry, Henry, school-master, Smithfield.
M'Kenna, Hugh, servant, Jackson's Lane.
M'Kenna, John, labourer, Bridge Street.
M'Keown, Robert, weaver, Back Lane.
M'Keown, Thomas, weaver, Belfast Gate.
M'Keown, Robert, weaver, Bridge Street.
M'Keown, John, coal measurer, Bridge Street.
M'Keown, Toal, lodging house, Piper Hill.
M'Kinny, Misses, Bow Lane.
M'Manus, William, weaver, Linenhall St.
M'Mullen, John, labourer, Back Lane.
M'Namara, John, currie, Bow Lane.
M'Nally, Patrick, labourer, Bakery Lane.
M'Nalty, John, weaver, Piper Hill.
M'Quaid, Bernard, shoemaker, Market Lane.
M'Seveney, Charles, weaver, Market Lane
M'Vey, Daniel, butcher, Smithfield.
M'Vey, Bartley, labourer, Piper Hill.
M'Vey, Edward, weaver, Jacksons Lane.
M'Vey, John, butcher, Back Lane.


Napier, Henry, butcher, Smithfield.
Napier, Ann, Longstone.
Neely, Benjamin, English and mathematical teacher, Castle Street.
Neely, Erskine, schoolmaster, Market Sq.
Neill, Ann, Longstone.
Neill, Henry, labourer, Johnson's Entry.
Neill, John, labourer, Linenhall Street.
Neill, John, weaver, Piper Hill.
Neill, James, shoemaker, Longstone.
Nesbitt, John, surgeon, Castle Street.
Newburn, Thomas, hosier, Market Lane.
Nuckle, William, weaver, Ball Alley.


O'Brie, Mrs. Elizabeth, Chapel Hill.
O'Donnell, Hugh, shoemaker, Haslam's Lane.
O'Hara, Charles, blacksmith, Jackson's Lane.
O'Hara, Mary, Bridge End.
O'Hara, William, labourer, Bridge End.
O'Neill, Roger, labourer, Track Lane.
O'Neill, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
O'Neill, James, labourer, Track Line.
Osborne, William, weaver, Bridge End.


Palmer, William, hair-dresser, Bow Lane.
Park, Samuel, butcher, Haslam's Lane.
Park, Alexander, weaver, Linenhall St.
Park, Moses, shoemaker, Piper Hill.
Parkinson, Richard, weaver, Longstone.
Parkinson, Ellen, Smithfield.
Parsons, Robert, watchmaker, Bridge St.
Patten, Thomas, wheelwright, Jackson's Lane.
Patterson, John, carpenter, Chapel Hill.
Patterson, James, grocer. Bridge Street.
Patterson, John, weaver, Haslam's Lane.
Patterson, Elizabeth, Johnston's Entry.
Pattison, John, gardener, Bridge Street.
Peak, Neal, servant, Beggar's Lane.
Pelan, Richard B., chandler, Market Sq.
Pelan, George, chandler, Market Square.
Pelan, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street.
Pelan, James, weaver, Bridge End.
Pelan, Mrs. Mary, chandler, Bridge Street.
Pennington, John, Proctor of Down and Connor, Bow Lane.
Pentland, George, blacksmith, Bow Lane.
Philips, Edward, farmer, Castle Street.
Philips, William, publican, Church Row.
Pilson, Conway, hosier, Haslam's Lane.
Proctor, Edward, weaver, Antrim Lane.


Quail, Archibald, weaver. Piper Hill.
Queery, Elizabeth, Antrim Lane.
Quin, John, labourer, Ball Alley.


Rainey, John, huntsman, Smithfield.
Rainey, James, weaver, Back Lane.
Ravenhill, William, farmer, Chapel Hill.
Ray, John, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Read & M'Conkey, Misses, dress-makers, Castle Street.
Read, William, carpenter, Belfast Gate.
Read, David, currier, Bridge Street.
Read, Arthur, riddle maker, Bridge End.
Reekey, William, weaver, Jackson's Lane.
Reilly, James, besom-maker, Piper Hill.
Richardson, James, linen merchant, Bow Lane.
Richardson, John, linen merchant, Castle Street.
Richardson, Joseph, linen merchant, Bow Lane.
Riddock, Elizabeth, Bow lane.
Robinson, Alexander, gardener, Beggar Lane.
Robinson, James, labourer, Bridge Street.
Rogers, John, grocer, Market Square.
Rogers, Patrick, publican, Bridge Street.
Rogers, Patrick, sen., farmer, Longstone.
Rogers, Richard, shoemaker, Antrim Lane.
Rogers, Thomas, tailor, Chapel Hill.
Rooney, James, spruce-beer maker, Market Square.
Rooney, Michael, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Rutlage, William, shoemaker, Bow Lane.
Ryans, John, hostler, Linenhall Street.


Sands, Ross, labourer, Piper Hill.
Savage, Thomas, porter, Antrim Lane.
Scandratt, Joseph, publican, Bow Lane.
Scott, Henry, labourer, Antrim Lane.
Scott, William, carman, Longstone.
Scayer, Elizabeth, Bridge End.
Seeds, Hugh, pawnbroker, Market Square.
Serby, Richard, mason, Bridge Street.
Serby, Richard, mason, Tan Yard.
Serby, Margaret, Bow Lane.
Sharky, Allen, pump maker, Smithfield.
Sharky, Ann, Smithfield.
Sharp, Edward, weaver, Longstone.
Shaw, William, farmer, Demiville.
Shaw, Thomas, agent to mail coach, Bridge Street.
Shepherd, George, weaver, Bridge End.
Sheilds, Charles, schoolmaster, Castle St.
Sheilds, Rachel, Smithfield.
Short, Owen, labourer, Bridge End.
Simon, John, gent, Market Square.
Simson, George, grocer, Bridge Street.
Singer, Hamilton, publican, Bridge Street.
Singleton, William, weaver, Haslam's Lane.
Skeffington, Peter, labourer, Ball Alley.
Skeffington, Luke, labourer, Ball Alley.
Slaven, Timothy, weaver, Piper Hill.
Slaven, John, labourer, Longstone.
Sloan, Henry, weaver, Belfast Gate.
Sloan, Adam, baker, Bridge Street.
Sloan, Matthew, labourer, Bridge End.
Sloan, John, farmer, Bridge End.
Sloan, Hugh, weaver, Bridge End.
Sloan, Robert, weaver, Bridge End.
Sloan, James, boatman, Bridge End.
Sloan, David, weaver, Bridge End.
Small, Jeremiah, huxter, Market Lane.
Smily, Richard, huxter, Bow Lane.
Smith, Thomas Johnson, gent, Castle St.
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte, Castle Street.
Smith, Misses, Mount Phoebus.
Smith, John, woollendraper, Market Sq.
Smith, Robert, publican, Bridge Street.
Smith, Alexander, huxter, Belfast Gate.
Smith, Samuel, schoolmaster, Bridge St.
Smith, Mary, huxter, Haslam's Lane.
Smith, William, labourer, Beggar Lane.
Smith, Thomas, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Sparks, Thomas, labourer, Pump Lane.
Spears, George, weaver, Bridge End.
Spears, George, weaver, Kennedy's Court.
Spence, Ann Jane, pawnbroker, Market Square.
Spence, Robert, labourer, Back Lane.
Spence, James, currier, Smithfield.
Stannas, Rev. Jas., agent to the Marquis of Hertford, Castle Street.
Stars, Arthur, labourer. Bridge Street.
Steed, John, boatman, Piper Hill.
Steel, John, shoemaker, Beggar Lane.
Stephenson, James, weaver, Piper Hill.
Sterling, Mrs. Ann, Market Square.
Sterling, Nicholas, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Stewart, Pointz, gent, Castle Street.
Stewart, William, M.D., Castle Street.
Stewart, William, gent. Castle Street.
Stewart, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Chapel Hill.
Stewart, James, farmer, Bow Lane.
Stewart, James, labourer, Bridge End.
Stewart, James, labourer, Bridge End.
Stewart, Daniel, auctioneer, Smithfield.
Stewart, David, grocer, Market Square.
Strickland, Thomas, weaver, Belfast Gate.
Strickland, Margaret, Belfast Gate.
Stirrit, James, weaver, Chapel Hill.
Stretton, Richard, mason, Linenhall St.
Sweeney, James, weaver, Bow Lane.


Taggart, William, labourer, Haslam's Lane.
Taggart, William, weaver, Bow Lane.
Teat, Elizabeth, Chapel Hill.
Tedford, James, labourer, Antrim Lane.
Thompson, William, apothecary, Castle Street.
Thompson, Thomas, shoemaker, Market Square.
Thompson, Jas., shoemaker, Church Row.
Thompson, Edward, weaver, Smithfield.
Thornton, Joseph, writing clerk, Castle Street.
Todd, James, weaver, Smithfield.
Tool, Patrick, labourer, Antrim Lane.
Tosh, Daniel, labourer, Piper Hill.
Tosh, Alexander, labourer, Bridge Street.
Townley, James, farmer, Chapel Hill.
Trail, Rev. Anthony, D.D., Castle Street.
Trimble, William, labourer, Bridge End.
Turner, James, farmer, Longstone.
Tuton, James, shoemaker, Bridge Street,
Tuton, John, carman, Antrim Lane.


Valentine, Joseph, weaver, Bridge Street.


Wallace, Alice, Antrim Lane.
Walker, Mrs. Mary, apothecary, Market Square.
Walker, Susanna, Antrim Lane.
Walker, William, carpenter, Linenhall St.
Walsh, Baptist, huxter, Antrim Lane.
Walsh, Ralph, saddler, Bow Lane.
Ward, James, bookseller and stationer, Market Square.
Ward, Nicholas, tailor, Heron's Folly,
Ward, Dennis, labourer, Jackson's Lane.
Ward, Mark, weaver, Linenhall Street.
Waring, Miss Mary, Castle Street.
Waring, Richard, publican, Market Square
Waterson, Bridget, Kennedy's Court.
Watson, Thomas, carpenter, Linenhall St.
Watson, Jane, Antrim Lane.
Watson, Mary, Bridge End.
Watt, John, labourer, Piper Hill.
Weldon, Patrick, whitesmith, Smithfield.
Wheeler, John, grocer, Smithfield.
Wheeler, John, cloth-lapper, Bow Lane.
White, John, huxter, Bow Lane.
White, James, baker, Jackson's Lane.
Whiteside, Jane, Haslam's Lane.
Whitla, George, merchant, Bow Lane.
Wier, James, carpenter, Harlam's Lane.
Wiley, Alexander, watchmaker, Bow Lane.
Wilkinson, William, labourer, Bow Lane.
Williams, James, pawnbroker, Market Sq.
Williams, Margaret, Belfast Gate.
Wilson, George, shoemaker, Bow Lane.
Wilson, William, shoemaker, Bow Lane.
Wilson, Adam, shoemaker, Smithfield.
Wilson, William, weaver, Haslam's Lane.
Wilson, Robert, carpenter, Track Line.
Williamson, Alexander, linen merchant and bleacher, Lambeg House.
Wolfenden, Abraham, carpenter, Piper Hill.
Woods, John, baker, Bridge Street.
Woods, Elizabeth, Belfast Gate.
Woods, Bernard, labourer, Chapel Hill.
Wright, Thomas, painter, Heron's Polly,
Wright, John, labourer, Piper Hill.


Yarr, William, tailor, Bow Lane.
Yarr, John, weaver, Pump Lane.
Younghusband, Mrs. Jane, Belfast Gate.

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Local Names Extracted from a List, of Gentlemen, Manufacturers, &c
residing in the
Neighbourhood of Belfast & Lisburn,


Barbour, John, thread manufacturer, Plantation, Blaris.
Carleton, Cornelius, spirit merchant, Carleton House, Blaris.
Carleton, Thomas, gent., Myrtle Hill, Blaris.
Casement, Charles, gent., Myrtle Hill, Drumbo.
Charley, William, bleacher and linen merchant, Mossvale.
Charley, John, bleacher and linen merchant, Finaghey.
Clarke, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth, Townland of Clogher, Parish of Derriaghy, widow of Lieutenant Humphry Clarke, 30 Foot.
Corkin, John, gent., Lambeg.
Curtis, Edward, linen merchant and bleacher, Glenburne, Derriaghy.
Dobbs, Richard, gent., Castle Dobbs.
Dunlop, Charles, gent., Edenderry, Drumbo.
Durham, Andrew, gent., Belvidere, Drumbo.
Garr, Edward, linen merchant, Port View.
Garr, John, linen merchant, Lagan Cottage.
Garrett. Robert, gent., Red Hill, Maragall.
Hancock, W. J., bleacher, near Lisburn.
Haughton, Major, Springfield, Maragall.
Hill, J. C, linen merchant, Donought.
Hunter, William, linen merchant and bleacher, Dunmurry.
Hunter, Alexander, linen merchant and bleacher, Dunmurry.
Johnson, Rev. Philip, of Ballymacash, Parish of Derriaghy, Vicar of Derriaghy from the year 1772, Justice of the Peace for the Counties of Antrim and Down; house built by his great grandfather, Ralph Smyth, Esq., shortly before the Revolution of 1688, rebuilt by himself in the years 1789, 1790.
M'Cance, John, linen merchant, Suffolk.
Oakman, Walter, linen merchant, Glenavy
Roberts, Walter, & Son, Collin.
Stewart, John, gent., Wilmont, Drumbeg.
Stewart, Thomas A., gent., Lakefield, Drumbeg.
Ward, James, muslin bleacher, Hilden.
Watson, James, gent., Brookhill, Maragall.
Williamson, Robert, linen merchant and bleacher, Lambeg House.
Wolfenden, John, linen merchant, Lambeg.

(This article was originally published in the Lisburn Standard on 15 December 1916 as part of a series which ran in that paper each week through 1917. The text along with other extracts can be found on my website Eddies Extracts.)

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