Wednesday 18 September 2019


Oh! sad is the hour – and ah! sad is each heart:–
And sad is the lovliest prospect to view;
When lovers so tender reluctantly part,
And pensively sigh out the lengthen'd – adieu!

Dear! dear is the kiss! – ah! how dear the embrace!
Their hearts cling together in unison sweet;
What tender solicitude speaks in each face!
What impatience again to be happy! to meet!

Behold the fond couple – now part – now unite! –
Behold the fond bosom – that labours with love! –
Behold the emotions that us'd to delight: –
Ah! see the sweet passion with anguish improve.

Yet – yet – once again – they take leave of each charm:
Time leans on his scythe, and surveys them with pain!
Then flaps his old wings: – love takes the alarm,
And – parting – they hope to be happy again!

Poem for Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 2 March 1805. Author unknown.
Image: Crop from The Parting of Robert Burns and Highland Mary by James Archer

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