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Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland, 1536-1810.



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Edited by
Ulster King of Arms.

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Extracts from the Preface.

The wills in Ireland may be said to consist of two classes, Prerogative and Diocesan. Those proved in the Prerogative Court are the most important, containing, as they do, testamentary demises from all parts of Ireland, and generally referring to the more important members of the community.

They commence in 1536, and continue to 1858.

Before 1857 wills used to be proved in the Consistorial Court -- that is, the Court of the Bishop or Ordinary within whose diocese or jurisdiction the testator dwelt -- but if there were effects to the value of £5 in two or more dioceses the will had to he proved in the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland, which was the Supreme Court in matters of which the ecclesiastical jurisdiction had cognisance.

The Consistorial Courts dealt with the assets of deceased persons who were domiciled in the diocese, and had no personal estate outside of it.

As the number of wills proved in the Prerogative Court increased considerably after 1810, it was thought better not to continue the Index further.

Classification of Wills in Ireland in Public Custody.

Prerogative wills, 1536-1858, deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin.

Diocesan wills, 1536-1858, in Public Record Office.

Unproved wills, dealing with real property only, from 1708, at Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street.

Wills from the Inquisitions -- Henry VIII. to George I. -- Public Record Office.

A few very early wills in the Royal Irish Academy and in Trinity College Library.

Further and full information regarding Irish wills may be found in "A Supplement to 'How to Write the History of a Family,'" by Phillimore, 1896.

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Some Local Wills.

The book under review contains upwards of 40,000 names of deceased testators. All those connected with Lisburn, Hillsborough, and Ballinderry have been extracted and recorded here. A number of other names of possible local interest are also given. The genealogist, however, in search for information, is referred to the volume itself, which may bo seen in any of the large public libraries.

1799    Jane Agnew, Mossvale, Co. Down, widow.
1767    Richard Archbold, Esq., Lisburn.
1804    Guy Atkinson, Lisburn.

1793    Richd. Barnesley, Lisburn, merchant.
1786    Elinor Barton, Lisburn, spinster.
1786    Henry Bell, Lisburn, linen draper.
1746    Robert Bell, Lisburn, merchant.
1760    Susanna, widow of R. Bell, Lisburn.
1726    John A. Bernicre, Lisburn.
1790    Henry Betty, Lisburn, linen draper.
1682    Capt. Lancelot Bolton, Lisburn.
1790    Jas. Boyes, Stoneyford, linen draper.
1697    Randall Brice, Lisburn, Esq.
1791    Eliza. Bridge, Plantation, spinster.
1702    Arthur Brooke, Lisburn, surgeon.
1695    Francis Brooke, Lisburn, M.D.
1672    Ay. Bunting, Ballinderry, yeoman.
1810    Hy. Burdon, Lisburn and Calcutta.
1788    R. Burden, Lisburn, linen draper.
1679    Captain John Byron, Lisburn.

1767    Mary Campbell, Ballinderry, alias Haddock.
1789    William Carleton, Parish of Blaris.
1772    John Carson, Hillsborough.
1707    Henry Charters, Lisburn, merchant.
1784    Thomas Clark, Ballinderry, gent.
1706    Humphry Clarke, Ballinderry, gent.
1744    Elizabeth Close, Lisburn.
1742    Henry Close, Plantation, farmer.
1781    William Close, Plantation, gent.
1632    Edward Conway, Viscount Killultagh.
1732    Francis Conway, Viscount Killultagh.
1737    Daniel Cormier, Lisburn, gent.
1801    Wm. Coulson, Lisburn, linen draper.
1728    Lewis Cromelin, Lisburn.
1737    Alex. Crommelin, Lisburn, gent.
1756    Anne Crommelin, Lisburn, widow.
1726    Samuel Crommelin, Lisburn.
1743    Samuel L. Crommelin, Lisburn, gent.

1788    Isaac Davis, Ballinderry, farmer.
1775    Samuel De Lacherois, Hilden, Esq.
1637    Marmaduke Dobbs, Lisnegarvie, gent.
1775    Rev. Richard Dobbs, D.D., Lisburn.
1802    John Douglas, H'borough, merchant.
1667    Bishop Jeremy Taylor.
1807    Robert Duncan, Lisburn.
1719    William Dynes, Mullacartan, gent.

1802    William English, Magheranesk.

1750    Wm. Fairlie, Lisburn, gent.
1744    Jeremy Falloon, Ballinderry Hotel.
1804    Jane Fletcher, Lisburn, widow.
1727    Eliza. Forbes, Ballinderry, widow.

1760    Cathne Gayen, Blaris,
1800    Edward Gayer, Derriaghy, gent.
1755    Rev. Philip Gayer, Derriaghy.
1743    Lewis Geneste, Lisburn.
1690    George Gregson, Lisburn, merchant.
1742    Thos Gurnall, Plantation, malster.

1718    Catherine Hackett, Lambeg, widow.
1766    Benjamin Haddock, Ballinderry.
1707    John Haddock, Carranbane, gent.
1785    Rev. Isaac Haddock, Hillsborough.
1793    Christopher Hall, Tonagh.
1772    James Hall, Ballinderry, farmer.
1755    Bryan Hamill, Derriaghy.
1757    Susanna Hamilton, Lisburn.
1763    Jacob Hancock, Lisburn, merchant.
1793    Jacob Hancock, Lisburn.
1757    John Handcock, Lisburn, merchant.
1784    John Handcock, Lisburn, merchant.
1766    Robert Hardy, Ballinderry.
1774    John Hastings, Lisburn, merchant.
1809    Samuel Heron, Lisburn, attorney.
1780    Rev. Thomas Higginson, Ballinderry.
1665    Arthur Hill, Hillsborough, Esq.
1699    Michael Hill, Hillsborough, Esq.
1682    Moses Hill, Hill Hall, Esq.
1693    William Hill, Hillsborough, Esq.
1756    Roger Hodgkinson, Lisburn.
1775    Sarah Hodgkinson, Lisburn, widow.
1781    James Hogg, Lisburn, merchant.
1773    William Hogg, Lisburn, merchant.
1667    William Hoole, Lisburn, gent.
1723    Anthony Hopes, Ballinderry, farmer.
1690    Jennett, widow of Wm. Hull, Lisburn.
1690    William Hull, Lisburn, gent.
1771    Jas. Hunter, Lisburn, linen mercht.
1805    James Hunter, Ballinderry.
1794    John Hunter, Lisburn, Esq.

1710    Michael Jackson, Lisburn, gent.
1734*  Michael Jackson, Lisburn, gent.
1804    John Johnson, Lisburn, Methodist preacher.
1709    Isa. Johnston, Lisnetrunk, widow.
1711    Jane Johnston, Lisburn, widow.
1779    Conway Jones, Lisburn, M.D.
1780    Mary Jones, Lisburn, spinster.
1761    Valentine Jones, Lisburn, Esq.
1789    Rev. Frans. Jonston, Tullycross.

1791    Elizabeth Kennedy, Lisburn, widow.
1769    John Kennedy, Lisburn, merchant.
1762    Moses Kinkead, Hillsborough.

1793    Hugh Lang, Carnmeen.
1741    George Lang, Derrydrumuck.
1738    Margt. Leatnes, H'borough, widow.

1723    Murdock M'Call, Derriaghy, tanner.
1811    John M'Dowell, Lisburn, tobacconist.
1749    Joseph M'Kibbon, Hillsborough.
1763    Nicholas Magee, Lisburn.
1807    Edw. Magennis, Lisburn, merchant.
1720    Adam Maitland, Hillsborough.
1796    Henry Marmion, Lisburn, gent.
1707    Wm. Muslin, Lisburn, innkeeper.
1720    Arthur Maxwell, Drumbeg, Esq.
1757    Hamilton Maxwell, Drumbeg, Esq.
1682    James Maxwell, Drumbeg, gent.
1794    Bryan Mercer, Hillsborough, gent.
1799    Wm. Montgomery, H'borough, Esq.
1671    Edward Moore, Lisburn.
1771    John Moorehead, Dunmurry.
1775    Jas. Moorhead, Milltown, linen draper.
1797    Thomas Morris, Lisburn, Esq.
1780    John Mussen, Lisburn, apothecary.
1690    Isabella Mussenden, H'borough, wid.

1728    Thomas Oates, Lisburn, surgeon.
1790    Edward Obre, Lisburn, Esq.
1665    John Olphert, Lisburn, quarter-master George Rawdon's troop.

1716    Edward Peers, Lisburn, Esq.
1789    Edward Peers, Lisburn, brewer.
1701    John Peers, Lisburn, gent.
1781    John Peers, Lisburn.
1691    Sir Henry Ponsonby, Hillsborough.

1792    Elizabeth Ravenscroft, Ballinderry.
1684    Sir George Rawdon, Lisburn.
1753    Thomas Read, Tullanacross.
1743    Philip Robinson, Lisburn, merchant.
1726    Lewis Rochett, Lisburn, merchant.

1785    Thomas Seeds, Lisburn, gent.
1774    Andrew Shanks, Lisburn, merchant.
1753    James Sloan, Lisburn.
1690    Ralph Smith, Ballymacash, gent.
1751    Alice Smyth, Lisburn.
1730    Mary Smyth, Lisburn, widow.
1714    Patrick Smyth. Lisburn, gent.
1736    Ralph Smyth, Lisburn, Esq.
1781    Joseph Speer, Lisburn, merchant.
1773    John Spence, Magheragall.
1772    William Spence, do., linen draper.
1759    Henry Stanhope, Legmore, gent.
1709    Richard Swinerton, Lisburn, gent.

1798    George Tandy, Lisburn.
1766    Adam Tate, Sprucefield, linen mercht.
1667    Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down.
1775    Bartholomew Teeling.
1692    Mary Thelwall, Hillsborough, widow.
1745    John Towle, Hillsborough, gent.

1767    John Usher, Aghalee, linen draper.

1798    James Waddell, Springfield, Esq.
1703    Godfrey Walker, Mullacarteen, gent.
1627    James Walshe, Castle Robin, gent.
1768    George Warren, Hillsborough.
1786    William Waters, Aghalee.
1772    James Watson, Brookhill.
1785    James Watters, Aghalee.
1729    Anthony Welsh, Lisburn, gent.
1735    James Whittle, Lisburn.
1800    David Wilson, Lisburn.
1773    William Wilson, Lisburn.
1757    John Wolfenden, Dunmurry, gent.
1743    Richard Wolfenden, Lambeg, linen draper.
1777    Richard Wolfenden, Lambeg, mercht.

Specimen of Old Will.

Prerogative Will, 1682.

I, Captain Lancelot Bolton of Lisburne, in the County of Antrim, being sick and weake of body but of sound memory and understanding, do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following, and trusting through the merits of Jesus Christ to be saved. I commit my soul to Almighty God, my Creator, and my body to be decently buryed as either of my Executors shall think meete. Imprimus -- I will that all debts justly due by me be first paid, with my funerall expenses. Item -- The surplicsage and remainder of all my Estate, goods and chattels, movable and immovable, reall and personal, leases, debts due me, arreares of pay, and all other my Estate whatsoever belonging to me, I give to my Exors. hereafter named, to be by them distributed and disposed of to my brother, Capt. Richard Boulton, and my sister, Anne Webster, as my Exors. in their discretion shall think meete. Item -- I do humbly request and do hereby nominate my very good Lord, the Right Hon. Edward Earle of Conway, and my very good friend Richard Mildmay, Gent., his Lordship's receiver, Exors. of this my last will.

    Will signed 23 Aug., 1682.
    Witnesses  Edwd. Ellis.   Tho. Ffarewell
                    Pat. Conne.   Hen. Conly.

The will of Lancelott Boulton, late of Lisburne, County Antrim, Esq., was proved by Richard Mildmay, one of the executors named, having the right of the Earl of Conway, 14th November, 1682.

(Next Week: Bartholomew Teeling, 1798.)

* The date printed in the Lisburn Standard was 1743. After a check of the original this was proved to be 1734. Thanks to Sharon Oddie Brown for highlighting the error.

(This article was originally published in the Lisburn Standard on 16 November 1917 as part of a series which ran in that paper each week through 1917 and into 1918. The text along with other extracts can be found on my website Eddies Extracts.)

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