Sunday 6 December 2015


Rain and wreckage around me,
   Home desolated and waste;
One cruel blow has left me
   Memories I ne'er can efface.

I sigh for a touch of kindness,
   And voices I hear no more;
Those who are left to befriend me
   Stand at the open door.

Humble and bare was our shelter.
   Contented and happy my lot:
Ah! why should a human earthquake
   Crumble and shatter the spot.

I, even I, left behind them,
   Why bemoan their sad loss;
Them who protect'st the friendless,
   Help me to bear the cross.

Vengeance, thou useless weapon;
   Jesus has said unto me,
Suffer the sad and the weary
   Ever to come unto Me.

Drumskelt House, 5/10/'15.

This poem appeared in The Witness of 12th November 1915 with the preamble:-- "Elizabeth is the victim of a recent Zeppelin raid. She was rescued from the ruins, dazed, but unhurt. Father, mother, brothers, sisters, all were completely wiped out. She is now in Dr. Barnardo's Homes."

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