Wednesday 24 December 2014

The Christmas Fairy

Have you heard of the Christmas fairy, sweet,
Who keeps the home so bright and neat?
Who enters the room of boys and girls,
And finds lost marbles or smooths out curls.
Who mends the rent in a girlie's frock –
Or darns the hole in a tomboy’s sock?
     If you don’t believe it is true, I say,
     You may search and find her this very day,
          In your home.

You must not look for a maiden fair,
With starry eyes and golden hair;
Her hair may be threaded with silver grey,
But one glance of her eyes drives care away.
And the touch of her hand is so soft and light
When it smooths out a place for your head at night.
     If you know of someone just like this,
     My Yuletide fairy you cannot miss –
          It's "Mother."

Poem: The Witness, 11th December 1914.
Image: Christmas Angel by Karen Tarlton.

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