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Ulster Roll of Gaol Delivery, 1613-1618 (pt 3)

Amongst the ancient Records of the Court of Exchequer which are deposited in the Exchequer Record Office, at the Four Courts in Dublin there is to be found a Roll, by which it appears that, between the years 1613 and 1618, the Justices of Assize and Gaol Delivery proceeded to try the criminals who were then confined in the gaols within the province of Ulster. By this Record, which consists of 100 membranes of parchment, and which is written in contracted Latin, we are informed of the names of the jury appearing upon the Inquests, of the names of the delinquents and the crimes of which they were accused, of their acquittal or otherwise, and of the sentences which were pronounced by the Judges; but of the more interesting particulars of those proceedings, such as the examination of witnesses, the address of counsel, and the charge of the Judge, this document is entirely silent. Incomplete, however, as it is, we cannot but gather from it much insight into the sad state of society in Ulster at the period of time to which it relates, as well as the severity of the Executive in its desire to carry forward the then favourite scheme of the "New Plantation" in that province.


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No. 4.

County Colrane. -- An Inquisition taken at Lemevady before Sir William Methwold, Knight, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Gerrard Lother, Esq., one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, on the 9th of August, 1614, by virtue of a Commission dated the 23rd of July, 1614, before the following Jurors.

John O'Kenney,
Gilleduffe McRrian O'Cahan,
Phellemy Duffe O'Quigge,
Cowy Ballagh McRicharde,
Gorry McShane,
William Tanckarde,
Gilleduffe oge O'Mullan,
Gorry McGilglasse O'Cahan,
Fardorogh O'Mullan,
William Johnson,
Rory O'Cahane,
Manus McGillreagh O'Mullen,
Shane boy McConnelly,
John Rosse,
William Nesbett,
of Limevady, gentlemen.

Who say that Thomas Cocks, and Shane O'Maddigane, both of Lemavadie, yeomen, on the 9th of August, 1613, stole two sheep price 4s each, the property of Margaret ny Hagane. -- Acquitted.

That the following persons levied war, Brian McGarrald, Henry McHugh, Tarry McClaman, yeomen, Shane Mc E. Corbe O'Chane, all of Dromcose, gentlemen, Donnell Crone McTirlagh, of Dromery, yeoman, and are acquitted.

That Rorie Duffe O'Cahane, of Tullaght, yeoman, broke into the mansion-house at Tullaght, of one Robert Lyle, yeoman, and stole "a gowne" worth £3, "a ketle" worth 27s., a. jacket (tuniculam) worth 22s 6d., two "brachans" worth 12s each, and a quantity of "yearne" worth 20s., and another kettle worth 8s. -- Guilty. -- To be executed at Lemevadie.

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No. 5. 

County Donnegall. -- An Inqusition taken at Liffer, before the same Judges, on the 16th August 1614, before the following Jurors :

Edward Bussell,
William Goodhand,
Christopher Kighley,
John Knaxes,
Alexander Steward,
Richard Byrne,

James Walshe,
James Cambell,
Robert Fleminge,
Brian McNellis,
Farrall McMulliane,
Donnogh McGenille,
William Bull,
Manus oge McHugh O'Donell,
Patrick Scott,
William Carmichell,

of Liffer, gentlemen,

Neill oge McPhelim Breflo O'Dogherty, gent.,

Who say that Brian oge O'Devier, of Rapho, yeoman, on the 30th September, 1613, there, stole two mares worth £3 each, the property of William Willson, Esq. -- Acquitted.

That Robert Fleminge, of Rathfoocke, yeoman, on the last of February, 1611, at Rahee, "inquandam Mewe ny Ilyreno spinster contra voluntatem &c. rapuit &c." -- Guilty. -- Says he is a clerk and prays benefit of clergy, and it is accorded to him.

That Toole O'Galchor, of Donagall, yeoman, on the 31st April, 1613, there stole a mare worth £3, the property of Hugh McShane Velles, yeoman. -- Acquitted.

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No. 6.

County Armagh. -- An Inquisition taken at Armagh, before Gerrard Lother, one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, and Sir Robert Jacob, Knight, the Solicitor General, on the 13th of April, 1615, by virtue of a Commission dated the 15th February, 1614, before the following Jurors :

John Elcoke, of Clonmean, gentleman
William Peerson, of same, gentleman
Edward Poe, of Dromminesow, gentleman
Turlagh O’Neile, of Breslagh, gentleman
Thomas Smyth, of Armagh, gentleman
Mullmurrie McDonell, of Dinarnagh, gentleman
John Curtis, of Ballegroolaiugh, yeoman,
Peirce Williams, of Ardmagh, gent.
John Purvis, of same, yeoman,
Richard Caddell, of same, yeoman,
John Hastings, of Clincan, gentleman,
Richard Kinde, of Cloneaden, yeoman
Richard Hanley, of Loghgall, yeoman
Ralph Grindon, of Corrie, yeoman
William Wolsey, of Ballenemone, yeoman

Who find that Thomas Poe, of Hochleywood, and Hugh Perkins, of same, yeomen, on the 20th of September, 1614, at Teergarden, stole four sheep worth 4s each, the property of Hugh McGilduffe O'Quin. -- Acquitted.

That William Poe and Edward Cooke, of Hocklye, yeomen, on the 1st of November, 1614, at Teergarden, stole three pigs, price 3s. each, the goods of Patrick O'Gormelyes. -- Acquitted.

That Phelomy O'Neale McBrian oge McTurlagh Braesley, of Dungannon, gent., Cormack McCugh McPhelomy McCan, of Clanbrassell, and Edmund McCan, gentlemen, on the 1st of December 1614, at Clanbrassell, levied open war &c., and on the 7th December, at Oryer, were assisted by Turlagh grome O'Hanlon. -- Acquitted.

That Henry McDonnogh McHenry, of Onelan, yeoman, on the 30th September, 1613, at Benburbe, stole a roan-coloured horse price £3, the property of Edmund Blomer, Esq. -- Acquitted.

That Donell O'Hagon, of Fewes, and Brian O'Quin of same, yeomen, on the 1st November, 1613, stole a brown horse worth 40s., and a roan-coloured mare worth £3, the property of Shane O'Brian. -- Acquitted.

That Phelim McDonnell stole a dark grey horse at Benburb, worth £4. -- Acquitted.

That George Johnson and Hugh Crosebye, yeomen, on the 17th July 1613, at Shaneerakar, stole a brown horse worth £3, and another worth 50s. -- George Johnson found guilty. -- To be executed at Armagh. -- Hugh Crosebye acquitted.

That Shane O'Casie, and Donnogh McKooye of Tynan, yeomen, on the 19th December, 1614, wounded Owny Doowe O'Donelin, widow, "et contra voluntatem felonice rapuerunt &c." -- Acquitted.

That Patrick oge McRory O'Hanlone, of Modagh, yeoman, on the 11th November, 1613 at Devenny, stole a black mare worth £4, the property of Thomas Wadworthes. -- Acquitted.

That Randell McDonell of Clunkarnee, yeoman, on the 20th December, 1614, at Monohan, County Monohan, stole five cows worth 20s. each, the property of Sir Edward Blayney, Knight. -- Guilty. -- To be executed at Armagh.

That Hugh Deltyn McShane, of Kilultagh, County Down, yeoman together with Cormack, Edmund, and Galtagh McCan, and others, on the 4th November, 1614 at night, broke into the house of Richard McAnuffe, and levied open war at Lurgen. – Guilty. -- To be executed at Armagh, “et semimortuus ad terram prosternatum &c." as in former cases mentioned.

That Hugh O'Donnoghee of Dongannon, County Tyrone, yeoman, on the 10th August, 1614, at Balliloghan, County Armagh, stole two brown-coloured horses worth 40s each, the property of Neice O'Quyn. -- Guilty. -- To be executed at Armagh. 

To be continued...

The above article is reproduced from the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, vol. 1, 1853.

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