Sunday 14 October 2012

Kinnegar - A Poem of True Love?

Rowing Boat by Alistair Stockman
Here's another poem from the small brown envelope...

On Carrick shore ah stud an' stud,
An' luked across at Holywud.
An' luked and luked an' there wuz her,
A wavin' from the Kinnegar.

Ah cudn't thole at all, at all,
White suds wuz batin' Carrick wall.
But wind an' waves ah'd be to dare
To reach my love on Kinnegar.

The breakers ris as high - as high,
The scrakin' wind got worse forby,
But thonder wus me guidin' star
A wavin' from the Kinnegar.

Ah tuk me boat an' rowed an' rowed,
Across Knockfergus Bay she goed.
Nor wind nor wave cud Houl me far,
From her that waved on Kinnegar.

Ay, many years has went an' went,
An' now ah'm oul an' gray an' bent,
An' married till a wumman - her
That waved me till the Kinnegar.

An' whiles ah stan an' stare an' stare,
An' mind thon day in Carrick - there.
An' wish ah had bin drowned afar
Afore ah reached the Kinnegar.

(Reprinted from 'The Roamer,' a column published in the Belfast News Letter, date unknown)

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