Thursday 27 January 2011

A Narrow Sea

How did I miss this... Yet another great production from BBC Radio

A Narrow Sea, is a series of six minute episodes which explores the long history and relationship between Scotland and Ireland.

"The sea between the North East of Ireland and the South West of Scotland is a narrow sea. For centuries men and women have been crossing that narrow sea - known today as the North Channel and in the past as the Waters of Moyle - to settle, to visit, to trade, to raid."

Broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster weekdays at 6.54pm it is also available through BBC iPlayer or you subscribe through iTunes

Some of the recent episodes were:
  • Warrior families from the Hebrides start to settle in Ulster.
  • The MacDonnells of the Glens join forces with the Earls of Tyrone and Tír Conaill.
  • Hugh Montgomery helps Conn O’Neill make a daring escape from Carrickfergus Castle.
  • Sir Hugh Montgomery wastes no time in setting up his new home in Co. Down.
  • Sir Randal MacDonnell invites Scots to settle in the Glens.
  • The Flight of the Earls offers a new opportunity to King James.

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