Monday 12 July 2010

Vuvuzelas and the 12th

I went down to see the Orange Order parade in Newtownards today.

The highlight of the parade for me though was not the spectacle.

It wasn't the music with great performances from the Ballywalter and Ballykeel Flute bands, Kircubbin and Ballyfrenis Accordion or listening to the Symington Silver Band.

It wasn't the guys in period costume leading the parade on horseback, the Lambegs, or even the elephant in a pink tutu!

No! It was when the guys came round before the parade selling the usual flags, toy drums and fluffy snakes on sticks... for, no doubt inspired by the vuvuzelas at the World Cup, among the items for sale were toy horns.

The highlight was two minutes after giving them to the kids and getting the pictures the mums realising just what a mistake they made and trying for the rest of the day to shut them up...

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